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Heaven is in Beaverton

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Okay, several things…

For the sake of my dignity, I’ll start with this:

1. Please ignore the stupid face I am pulling. Right up until .25 seconds before the shutter snapped Beasle had been licking the crappola out of my face. He was really excited that we were heading out for a bit. He also seems to love the taste of my sunscreen. Ew.

2. The other week I had the opportunity to go to the Nike Employee store. And DEAR LORD is is a great thing we are in the midst of a financial crisis – if we weren’t I’da gone absolutely mad in there and bought ALL KINDS of fun stuff… I thought I had died and gone to Nike heaven. I had no idea heaven was in Beaverton.
a. I came face to face with a horrible conundrum at the Employee store – what shoes should I buy??!! (gasp!) Only one pair was allowed. The heart of the dilemma: to replace the running kicks or the everyday kicks. Argh. I decided to replace the everyday Puma’s. They have served me well – they’ve been on my feet longer then the Mister has been in my life. They have recently developed holes in the soles – bad for the rainy weather. I found a pair of Nike’s that closely resemble the Puma’s style and comfort level. I have already fallen asleep with them on. I love these shoes.
b. As you can see in the photo, Belmot and I are about to head out for a run. I have the everyday Nike’s on because my running shoes (Saucony this time around) are on their Uber Last Legs. I cant wear them for stuff other than running – no dilly-dallying around in the Sacucony’s. As soon as the run is over they come off the feet (and I slip into these new Nike’s). On this day B and I did a 3 mile run and half way through I got that old familiar feeling… The shooting stabbing horrible tingle up the side of my left calf – the sign I always get when my running shoes are totally Kaput. At this moment I actually cursed myself for not getting new Nike running shoes. Until I got back to the car and threw on my stylish new kicks. I have since been on 4 more runs in the Saucony’s and have been completely ignoring the shooting pain… And spend my entire runs day dreaming of my new Nike’s that are back home waiting for me to slip into them.

3. Last year (about this time) when I got serious into the running I noticed a very curious happening on my short-long runs. If a run only lasts from 2 miles – 4 miles, all I can think about is food. I salivate. My tummy growls. I go step by step through the preparation of my post-run meal/snack…. My "long runs" are at 4 miles right now. I know as soon as I get up to 5 or 6 miles a long run this will stop. I will stop thinking about the 2 eggs sunny side I will soon devour. But not yet. Nope. The next couple of weeks will be hard on my tummy.

4. Speaking of "long runs" I have decided to conquer these beasts on Mondays. Why? Because Saturday long runs ruin everything. Everything. I am too worn out to enjoy the only time I have, unfettered, with my mister. I don’t want to spend the weekend recovering. No good. Monday’s suck anyhow, so I might as well be a little tired. I also think it sets a nice benchmark for the rest of the week πŸ™‚


12 Days

Its been 12 days since I last ran – and I am not quite sure why.

This lasp will be semi-detrimental seeing as how I have verbally (via type?) committed myself to running an 8k Shamrock Run on March 17th, A Race for The Roses 5k on April 6th, a 10k Forrest Park Trail Run on May 24th and was hoping to get in the Helvetia Half Marathon in this year on June 13. Looks like I am pretty screwed :/

Rather than running, I am sitting here eating Low Mein. And now I am thinking of adapting my diet to at least keep me semi-trim if I am going to keep welching on the running like this…. I am thinking of doing only raw food during the day (with the exception of my morning toast) and keeping it as un-processed and lean-protein’d (soy and fish only) as possible in the evenings. This way I can curb the ridiculous intake but still cook in the evenings with the Mister. And he can still have his ribeye…

Ah, forget it. I’ll just go to the gym.

Qui Zee

Today’s run was awesome. I was aiming to spend at least 45 minutes and at most 60 minutes running (I love that my little gym doesn’t have time restrictions on the cardio equipment).

Everything was going swell.

Some dude on the treadmill next to me had a great tempo going – that’s all I can hear over my music, the POUND POUND POUND of the feet near me – and as always, I had to sync up. I can’t run next to someone and not POUND POUND POUND the same as them. So, because of this dude, I ran slightly faster than usual. And it felt good. I was on track to finish 4.5 miles in 45 minutes – respectable. Nothing fancy. Nothing too hard at all.

Then, at 27 minutes I had to jump of the treadmill, quickly. And get some water. And head home. To puke in my own bathroom. Lest I made a spectacle out of myself and a mess out of the treadmill.

And I have no idea why.

Speedy Work

On Friday and Saturday of this week I headed over to Loprinzi’s for some more treadmill time. With one slight exception (which I describe below) the runs were totally uneventful. Two simple 3 miles runs (about 30 minutes each) that included a warm up, cool down, 1 mile easy jog and 2 miles of speed work. So good. My cardio-parts are DEF back into the game. Thank God. I was worried there for a little bit. The speed work has given my legs reason to ache again, unlike the long distance stuff they’d gotten used to. Today my calves are screaming. And I luff it. Like I said, uneventful, boring, I cant believe you are even reading this…

The only eventful thing to happen was half way through my run on Saturday. I had the whole bank of ‘mill’s to myself – which is to say I was the only one on a mirrored wall of 3 treadmills – I was in the tunnel-vision-zone. I was rocking out to some (more) Rage. I was heavy into the sprints… And then a lady came on the ‘mill next to me. The smell of her hair products caught me off guard when I was bustin’ a 7.5 mph minute (no bueno). She put her speed to as high as it seemed she could keep up with and started doing a crazy-armed-flail that reached into my personal-space-bubble. Holy awkwardness. Then she started gasping for breath and pounding her chest. And shaking and puffing on an inhaler. This is not how one should approach running. This is not healthy. This made me uncomfortable – not least because I can’t remember how to perform CPR anymore… This lasted about 4 minutes. It seemed like an eternity. I turned my music way down so I could hear her labored breathing. Then suddenly, she stopped. Put her inhaler away. And left the gym.

And that is all I have to report.

Proclimation: 09

Proclimation: 09

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I proclaimed it loudly today (on Facebook) that ’09 is to be The Year Of The Half Marathon(s).

Which means I went to the gym tonight and ran on the ‘mill.

This was the second time this year I have been. Last time was pretty disappointing. Tonight, not so disappointing. The lack-of-disappointment can probably be attributed to a simple change of play list. Tonight was all Rage Against The Machine, all the time. Nothing gets me fast and furious like Fists Full Of Steel. Well, except for lots of other stuff – I miss Ozomatli. And Tool. And some Gorecki. My choice in music is not to be discussed here.

I am here to report that I love running.
But you all knew that already.

So instead of reporting my love of running, I am reporting two NEW things:
1. This is what I look like (sorta) while running. Just imagine my phone in my pocket and my arms moving and my eyes staring (in tunnel vision mode) at that little triangle where the clavicles almost touch near the espophagus. If there is a mirror in front of me this is where I stare. I guess because it moves the least so I can sort of actually focus on it. And I really do get tunnel vision, what you see in the photo is pretty much what my sight looks like while running, everything blurry except for the throat-area.

2. I love Loprinzi’s Gym. If you are looking for a gym in SE Portland, this place is the bestest. I mean: LOOK AT THE GYM RULES!!!! Any gym that tells their (smelly men) members to wash their clothes frequently, to not drop weights and/or grunt is the bestest in my book.

And there you have it. Fascinating stuff, I know.

new year

yesterday (january 3rd) marked my first run (and trip to loprinzi’s this year). it was also only my second run in, like, 30 days or something ridiculous like that. it was too easy to claim ‘snow day’s’ last month and hibernate inside with the beasle and the mister.

i put on in rainbows (radiohead) and climbed onto a treadmill at loprinzi’s yesterday – the gym was packed. i think most gyms are in january. especially around noon, on a saturday. i felt lucky there was a treadmill available. anyhow. i told myself ‘i am going to run for the duration of this album.’ about 40-45 minutes. about 20 minutes into the run i told myself ‘just stay on the treadmill for the duration of the album, walking if needed.’ i lasted with one song to go. i had to get off the machine. i had jogged for 35 minutes, not bad. it felt good, nothing was sore. but my heart was tired. egads. the cardiovascular system is out of shape! knew that would happen sooner or later with all the snow days, christmas cookies, ground beef and sausage….

i am looking forward to becoming friends with the treadmill again.
i am looking forward to listening to in rainbows, in its entirety, during a single run again.
and, hopefully soonish, i will be back up to running through 4 radiohead albums in one run without even noticing.

ahh, fall.

today’s 3.1 mile jaunt around ‘hood

bellie and i went on a simple run today, felt good in the cool fall air. except, he hated running on burnside. he was totally freaked out. he also wasted at least 3 minutes total, spread over the entirety of our 34 minute 3 mile run (look at that pace!!!) pretending he needed to poop.

that punk.

scene of the crime

the leif erikson trail.

monday was our first day back in pdx after our 11 hour car ride home from benicia on sunday. i thought belmont had earned a long jaunt outdoors after his excellent car-demeanor all day sunday. the kid is a professional traveler now.

i decided it was time to conquer all apprehension and return to the scene of the crime (leif is where i ran too fast down hill for too long and caused the good ol psoas and glute to spasm). i also knew it would be nice and muddy up there. i love running in mud almost as much as bellie. i knew the colors would be perfectly-fallish. i knew the air would be cooly crisp. i knew it would be the perfect mid-day reward for belmont (and myself).

the kid had a blast. for every 20 yards i ran he did 40 or maybe even 60. i ran 5280 yards so my guess is the kid did around 7 miles or so. and most of his running was in mud puddles – he was caked in the stuff from his mid-line down and had the longest bath ever when we got home. i was only caked from my shins down πŸ™‚

i kept my pace even and slow, though it was faster than i have been running for the last month or so. the cool air and wet leaves are more than invigorating – they are a dangerous motivation to go farther and faster. it felt so good to be on "my trail" to be running in "my hills" and with "my pooch" (this is how i refer to these things and places in my head). i really cant believe how much i have missed this. and i am ΓΌber happy to report NO SORENESS* and NO SPASMS!!

looks like bellie and i can head back out to leif any time we want – huzzah for healing.

*total lie: my hammy’s are sore and tight, my first trail run in months – such a great tight-pain πŸ™‚


i said this in my last post as an after-thought β€” well, combine half-a-thought and half-a-wish and out pops “[i want to] get back to taking regular cardiovascular exercise for granted.” it was a joke, for chrissake. sheesh. who knew i had to be careful what i was wishing for these days.

today was a typical portland winter day – rain. rain WITH sunshine breaks. after much radar-checking and timing my peeing with changing with the radar-checking-assumptions, belmont and i headed out for a rain-free jog. we headed east down stark, toward the hill of tabor. this was a good idea, i told myself, because its a slight incline (duh, MT. TABOR). i didn’t think we’d go very far, but at least i knew an incline was good for my sore spots.

3 blocks east and all i realize my underpants are all-kinds of clumped in my behind. TOTALLY uncomfortable, TOTALLY ridiculous. and TOTALLY all-consuming. i’m trying to run and NOT pick my wedgee. TOTALLY embarrassing – i mean, stark is a busy road! what would the strangers think?! belmont is snooting me, i am trying to not obsess over my clumped behind, i am trying to avoid puddles, keep an eye on the massive black cloud headed our way, trying to keep my fingers warm…. and then it hits me: its been 20 minutes. we are back home! what about MY HIP?!

the hip doesn’t hurt.

neither does the bum bum.

bum bum was preoccupied with the clumping – lets get one thing straight here. there is Running underwear and there is Never To Be Run In underwear. i wore the wrong damn pantaloonies today. and they were SO distracting that i ran for 20 minutes without even forgetting to remember about my hip. yes, forgetting to remember.

i win. i took running for granted within 3 blocks and it lasted for 20 minutes (the duration of our whole run).

because i was so succesful today i am entertaining the idea of heading to Leaf Erickson tomorrow – bad idea for a number of reasons (1. thats where the injury occured 2. belmont will go absolutley mad with excitment 3. its going to pour 4. the terrain is slippery/questionable enough when its dry ….) but i am happy to merely be entertaining the idea. i hope to be taking lots more for granted soon enough.


around noon today i realized how well my hippy felt. its amazing, when it hurts its overwhelming. when it feels good i forget about it – then am shocked when i realized i had forgotten it.

anyhow. that was stupid. i realized it felt great – normal – so i suited up. belmont saw the shoes come out so he headed for the kennel, stood in front of it, pouting. he has learned the shoes mean ‘gym’ now, not ‘wanna go for a run buddy?!’

imagine his surprise when i said ‘lets go!’
he about crapped himself.
well, actually he almost peed himself.
we barley made it outside before he emptied his tanks in preparation for a run.

we kept it short and simple, 17 minutes.
around the ‘hood.

bellie wanted to go farther but i’m not pushin it!
we both felt great the whole time. he kept snoooting me and i kept pinching myself. i felt so good!! no pain!!

came home and STRETCHED OUT. like a NORMAL PERSON. like, the entirety of both legs, all stretched out. holey moley. i was able to do the Hollywood stretch – the one i have been unable to do, and has caused great pain since the beginning of this whole debacle. it felt so gooooood to stretch my formerly achy muscles.

i can tell bellie is a lil sad we didnt stay out longer. but, he helped me stretch. he celebrated with me when i shouted ‘woooo hoooo!’ he licked my face and nibbled my chin (kinda hurt) and now he is curled up in my lap. we are one happy ball of cuddle right now.


i hope this enormous victory means i can get back to taking regular cardiovascular exercise for granted. i really hate obsessing over stretching certain muscle groups, not being able to sit down for more than 15 mintues without pain, being forced awake in the middle of the night by burning pain in my hips, etc.

bring on the exercise!!